What is hypertufa?

Natural Tufa stone is a type of volcanic limestone that forms in close proximity to bodies of water with a high content of dissolved minerals, especially calcium carbonate.

Natural Tufa has had many uses over the centuries including watering and feeding livestock, and building material. The porous nature of tufa makes it very popular for planters. Tufa acts as a spongy cellular rock giving an easy passage for air and a reservoir for water.

Hypertufa is Tufa's man-made alternative. It is usually produced by using a mixture of cement, sand, peat moss, and perlite. Recipes for hypertufa is easily found and vary among others. Our recipe has been modified to fit a secret consistency and texture depending on the design.

Many of you may have experimented making tufa. If making your own hypertufa take the precautions of wearing the proper gloves and dust mask.

We take great pride in our finished creations!


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